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How to capture tradition?

How to capture tradition?

Are you wondering what is behind the photographs of moulds and cookie cutters on our website, Facebook and Instagram? They were taken by Filip Zvěřina, a photographer who dedicated his life to this craft. He is originally from Vysočina and is currently working in a nearby village called Křižánky.​


We started collaborating because we noticed he has an eye for capturing the spirit of tradition, which is so typical for our products. And what does he say about his photos?   

"The local landscape is very close to my heart. I am always happy to come back. I love traditions typical for our region, and I admire the local traditional crafts. All of this is embodied in the cookie cutters, and I tried to reflect this in my photographs. I didn’t want to succumb to the trend of minimalistic product photography, and instead decided to capture them in an environment much closer to the products and myself."

It was the familiar environment from his childhood memories which Filip chose for the photographs. He also used his house as the stage; with its 400-years-long history, it was the ideal place to capture this Czech tradition. ​

Filip’s favourite customs are those connected to Christmas: baking Christmas candy, decorating the Christmas tree, carolling and bringing home mistletoe. On the other hand, Easter is his less favourite holiday, but he always looks forward to making his own willow whip. He also enjoys himself during Shrovetide or The Three Magi. And although he doesn’t celebrate these holidays from a religious perspective, he is always enchanted when regular days turn into something festive. We agree with him that the best things about the holidays are the serenity and happiness and the idea of getting to know a country through its customs and traditions.

If you are interested in Filip's photographs and would like to get to know his work better, we recommend you to visit his web portfolio