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Summer trend: No-bake cookies

Summer trend: No-bake cookies

The temperatures are attacking 30 °C, and the last thing you want to do is to be anywhere near a hot stove or oven! Good news! You don’t have to. Did you know that besides ice cream or melon there are other desserts you can serve without heating up the oven? The time has come to make some no-bake treats!


As their name suggests, these are desserts made without using the oven. Instead of baking, you can make do with stirring, freezing or even drying while keeping the ingredients fresh and full of flavour. What’s more, it’ll preserve all their nutritional value, which would otherwise be lost in the heating process.


Create desserts of original shapes and forms. Here are a few tips on how to use our cookie cutters or moulds to prepare no-bake treats:

  • Shaping small cake bases: Use larger cookie cutters to create bases for no-bake cakes. You can continue layering various raw fillings, cottage cheese, fruits or creams onto the base.

  • Beautiful decorations: You can also use our cookie cutters and moulds to decorate your no-bake cookies with creative shapes and designs. Take the cookie cutters, cut out shapes from fruit, chocolate or nuts and place them on the top or edges of your finished cake. You will create something tasteful, both in terms of flavour and appearance.

  • Put them on ice: The moulds are perfect for making chilled or frozen desserts. Fill them with any mixture you like and let them sit in the fridge or freezer for a while. 

  • Stock up: Did you realize that all of your cookie cutters and moulds are Christmas-themed? Would you like some more universal shapes? Not to worry. Our e-shop is full of a wide variety of flower, animal or simple geometrical shapes which can be used all year round. 


The ideal cookie cutters for the raw mini cakes or other no-bake cookies are these Semifreddo ones.


Summer is the perfect time to cut down on refined sugars. Go outside and pick some ripe fruits and berries to make your creations naturally sweet. They pair great with no-bake sweets. Is it your first time making them? Here are some healthy alternatives you can try:

  • Dates: This sweet and juicy fruit acts as a natural sweetener. Soak the dates beforehand, crush them into mash and add them to the raw dough or filling.

  • Honey or syrup: Natural sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup are a great substitute for refined sugar. They are just as sweet and offer many additional health benefits. If you’re baking for people with diabetes, try the chicory syrup. Visit your local supermarket and have a look at what’s on offer. How about the rice or agave syrups? Bear in mind that these syrups are a bit runnier, so adjust your recipe accordingly. 

  • Fruits: Utilize the natural sweetness of the fruit. Cut it into pieces or mash it and add it to your no-bake creations.


We hope these tips inspire you to make tasty, delightful no-bake desserts using your favourite cookie cutters. Get creative and put together sweet summery treats that are great to look at.