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Do you bake with children?

Do you bake with children?

Children's Day is calling. And we recommend you prepare for it in advance. The first day of June brings celebrations full of sweets and frolics. Why not try something a little different this year and involve the children in the creative process? 

Baking with children is a great activity that can be not only fun but also useful. As well as enjoying baking, children will also learn new skills and improve their fine motor skills. And if you're worried about that sweet filling, you can prepare and cut out salty pieces. Treats cut from bought puff pastry will work too, don't worry!

And now some tips that will be useful when baking with the little ones:​

  1. Choose a simple recipe 

Start with a simple recipe like cookies or muffins. Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients, utensils and cutters ready beforehand. To speed things up, you can definitely use the mentioned puff pastry as well. 

  1. Prepare your space

Prepare a clean and well-lit work area. If you have smaller children, place a highchair by the desk so they can see and help better.

  1. Involve them 

Let the children take an active part in the baking. Let them weigh ingredients, mix and make shapes. Try to adapt the children's tasks according to their age and skills.

  1. Teach them about hygiene and safety​ 

When baking with children, it is important to teach them good hygiene habits, such as washing hands before and after handling food. Also explain the importance of proper food storage and make sure they know they shouldn't eat raw dough or raw ingredients such as eggs. When cutting out, again, inform them about sharp edges and push our cutters together gently.

  1. Let them fantasize

Baking can be a great opportunity to develop creativity. Let children come up with their own recipes or decorations, and encourage them to choose their own colours and shapes.

  1. Celebrate together

Once the baking is complete, take time to sample and celebrate together. Prepare simple drinks and nibble on the goodies you have created together. You'll definitely put a bigger smile on their face than if you just gave them a snack without effort.

Baking with children on Children's Day can be a great activity for the whole family. And our cookie cutters will definitely help you with it. Order them early so you have something to dig into the dough. In our e-shop you will find numerous animal motifs and other suitable shapes that will make everyone happy.​