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Celebrate Fall Traditions with Smolík's Cookie Cutters

Celebrate Fall Traditions with Smolík

Amber-tinged leaves are starting to fall. You can achieve the same golden hues with your home-baked cookies. Fall is the time of harvest and reflection. The days are growing shorter, and we use sparkly lights to brighten up the darkness. Some carve pumpkins and celebrate Halloween, others honour the traditions of grape harvest and parish festivities. Whatever the reason for celebrating is, it wouldn’t be a proper feast without some sweet and yummy cookies.

We’re here with toothsome tips to conjure up smiles on the faces of the trick-or-treaters, young lads and even Saint Martin himself.

  1. Harvest Time

At the turn of September and October, it is time for the wine growers to pick their precious grapes. The wine tasting is accompanied by folklore dances, songs and costumes. The countryside resounds with rumbustious chants and the thudding of dancing feet. The tables are overflowing with an impressive spread and plenty of sweets make their appearance.

For fall-themed cookies, we recommend using our Wellington boot, piglet, leaf or cross cookie cutters.

  1. Parish Fest

Gingerbread cookies are a staple of every proper feast. Make the best ones using our cross, church or traditional Christmas cookie cutters. Don’t forget to decorate them and give them a glaze. You can also go for the typical Bohemian festive cookies in the shape of a flower. You can find these traditional cookie cutters on our online store.

  1. Don't spook

There’s no reason to be fretting over Halloween. The tradition of this holiday dates
back to Samhain, a Celtic celebration of the end of harvest and the beginning of a
harsh winter. Ever since the 16th century, people have kept the tradition of walking
up to their neighbours’ houses in scary costumes and asking for some nibbles in
exchange for a poem or carol. The tradition survived, and now we can celebrate the
end of October with the best fall-themed cookies.


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  1. Fall Themes for Every Occasion

Why wait until Christmas to start baking cookies? Not a fan of the Halloween tradition? Well, you can still celebrate the pumpkin-spiced season by making some pumpkin Linzer cookies with home-made pumpkin jam.

If you’re over pumpkins, you can make cookies shaped like apples, pears, mushrooms or hedgehogs. So, why not purchase the entire fall cookie-cutter set?

  1. Sweet Saint Martin

Give the traditional St. Martin’s goose a sweet twist with our festive goose-shaped cookie cutters.

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween, Parish Fest or just another vibrant fall, our cookie cutters will help you make original cookies to go with the seasonal mood. Rummage through our online store to find your inspiration.

Thanks to Filip Zvěřina and Gingerbread from Milovy for the photos.