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Original Valentine Baking with Cookie Cutters

Original Valentine Baking with Cookie Cutters

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, presenting the perfect opportunity to convey your affection through homemade delicacies. They say the way to someone’s heart goes through
their stomach, and what better way to express your love than with delectable treats? Do you
want to make something truly memorable? Try one of our special tips!


Heartfelt Mini Pizzas

How about a twist on a classic favourite? Buy a pizza dough or make it from scratch, cut it into heart shapes and add your preferred toppings. These heart pizzas are a great snack to enjoy with your favourite film on a cosy movie night on the couch. If pizza dough is unavailable, puff pastry serves as an excellent alternative.  


Edible Love Letter​


Valentine’s cookies come in all shapes and sizes, including the simple yet versatile rectangle
which, with the right icing, can transform into a love letter. Use icing to inscribe or illustrate your sentiments. You can also use food colouring or piping gels. Try the classic colour of passion or any other shade of choice. Show your true colours!


>>> I want the star piping tip


Personalised Treats​


When selecting the perfect gift, nothing beats a choice that reflects the recipient’s interests and preferences. Browse our wide selection of cookie cutter shapes, encompassing animals, cars, florals, and more, in our online store.

Whether it’s in the shape of their favourite animal or a cherished hobby, ultimately, the most meaningful gifts are those crafted from the heart. Your gesture will speak volumes, and your
loved ones will be over the moon.

Happy Valentine’s!