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Do You Know Gingerbread from Milovy?

Do You Know Gingerbread from Milovy?

Svratecko became our home. It is a land which many call inhospitable, but it also offers picturesque lookouts and pristine nature. Here we chose to build our production in 1990 in the company of many artists, craftsmen and other artisans. ​

One of our charming neighbours is Petra Kovaříková, the name behind the Gingerbread from Milovy brand. We wanted to know about her relationship to the gingerbread making tradition and when she decided to devote her time to it. ​

"My relationship with gingerbread making comes from my fondness for crafts in general. I come from a family of artists, painters and sculptors. Arts and crafts have always been an integral part of my existence. My mom was the one who introduced me to gingerbread cookies. From an early age, I helped her bake and decorate them. I returned to gingerbread making again when I was a mother myself, and I started baking more on my maternity leave. Motherhood awoke an urge to do something creative. I started baking and decorating gingerbread cookies for my friends and family, and they were quite a success. So, I decided to open a small family business Gingerbread from Milovy."

And where did the name come from?  

"My kids and I moved to a small village of České Milovy (part of the Křižánky municipality), which is located right under the two rock formations Čtyři palice and Milovské perníčky (Gingerbread from Milovy in English). I’ve decided to use this fitting geographical name for my business. 

We also wanted to know how Petra feels about traditions and which of them she actively practices, besides gingerbread baking.

"I love traditions. I enjoy showing my sons customs revolving around Christmas, Easter, All Saints’ Day and others. We also commemorate customs related to the changing of the seasons. They give our lives order and rhythm and bring us closer to the beautiful nature surrounding us."

We have been supplying Gingerbread from Milovy with cookie cutters for several years now. What are their favourite shapes?  

"We like to use Smolík’s cookie cutters, and I often drive up to them in person to stock up on new shapes. The most popular ones are animals and then classic shapes, like hearts, florals and circles of various sizes."