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Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

The cold and damp days yield to a gust of warmth, the sight of budding flowers, the chirping
of birds and the fragrance of freshly baked cookies. There is a reason to celebrate, be it the
newly-found spring in your step or enjoying the Easter holidays. What better way to welcome
this season than with new cookie cutters?​


Kitchen in Bloom

Our spring cookie cutter collection offers a wide variety to charm every baking maestro. Besides nature and baby animal shapes, you can also find traditional Christian symbols related to the forthcoming Easter. Where to find them? Head to our online store and select the “Easter” filter in the left menu bar.

>>>> I want Easter and spring cookie cutter shapes

What are your choices? 

  • Blooming florals: Delicate floral shapes are ideal for celebrating the coming of spring. Create exquisite petal-soft sweets with our blossoming cookie cutter shapes, perfect for wowing your guests.

  • Cute lambs: The traditional Easter symbol which fills your home with joy and hope. Use our lamb-shaped cookie cutters to make adorable gingerbread cookies and set the perfect spring holiday atmosphere. We offer a variety of sheep and lamb shapes.

  • Festive hen: Without the vibrant and clucking hens, there would be no beautiful Easter eggs. You can even decorate your poultry cookies with icing and accentuate their lovely colourful feathers.

  • Traditional cross: Our cross-shaped cookie cutter is for all who honour the traditional values of Easter. Your cookies will be tasty and deeply symbolic.

Are you overwhelmed by the wide variety of cookie-cutter shapes? We have a simple solution for you! Choose one of our Easter cookie cutter sets.​

Inhale. Exhale! 

Amidst all the baking for your kids, carollers, friends and family, don’t forget about yourself. You don’t have to clean every nook and cranny and have everything pitch perfect for the new season. Sometimes, it’s enough to just open a window and let the fresh air in. Lay back and carve out some time to yourself with freshly baked sweets and a cup of delicious tea or coffee.

Let’s welcome spring with open arms and grateful hearts!